Fairmount Chateau Lake Louise

Lake Louise, Alberta


February 11,12,13, 2018


Course director : Francoise Desrosiers D.O.

Course Organisator :  Nathalie Trottier D.O.



            The BioBasics program is designed to explore the fundamental topics in the Biodynamic Model of Osteopathy designed by Dr James Jealous D.O.

            The material is presented as an introduction to this work.   This seminar provides an enriching experience with Biodynamics and the intimate manner of  the lecturers and the table training.  They are fully trained in Biodynamics.  Françoise Desrosiers D.O. is a Biodynamic Faculty Teacher.

            This course is open to D.O., physicians, dentists,  last year students in osteopathy, , medical and  dental students.




For more information on a Biodynamic View of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field please refer to:




How do Reflexes Reset the Nervous System?

Infant and birth reflexes affect our development and level of functioning throughout our lifespan. Join us for an evening presentation on the

Masgutova Neurostructual Reflex Integration Technique

Monday November 13, 2017 7:00 - 8:30 pm at The Vancouver Childbirth Society 3569 Commercial Street (between 18th & 20th)

Suggested Donation $5 to cover the cost of space. Proceeds above cost will be donated to the Vancouver Childbirth Society.

Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration Masgutova NeuroStructural Reflex Integration (MNRI) Infant and Birth reflexes

What if no embryonic movements are random? What if all moment is developmental and possibly exists to intentionally wire up the nervous system for a lifetime? What role do reflexes play in this process? How can we use reflexes after birth and throughout the human lifespan to encourage development that may have been missed? Or, how can we use reflexes to repair damage to the nervous system? Dr. Svetlana Masgutova has spent a lifetime researching the neurological links between movement and development. She and her teams around the world have collected data on over 40,000 individuals of all ages showing how reflex repatterining brought about higher neurological and immunological functioning in people of all ages. She has worked with individuals with profound neurological challenges as well as elite, worldclass athletes. She began her work with victims of natural and man-made catastrophes. She proposes that infant and birth reflexes in particular are discreet genetic packages of information that give our bodies corrective information based on the body’s need to survive and flourish. Her teams have used her techniques successfully to recover victims of trauma at the Sandy Hook shootings, hurricanes in the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Houston. She has worked with Canadian and US military personnel who live with PTSD. Much of her research in Chetchyna, Bosnia other areas of extreme conflict in Europe. Her position is clear. The nervous system is resilient and always looking for corrective information to ensure optimal function and reflexes are the doorway in to access and reactivate the resource. Who would benefit from learning this technique? Anyone who works with individuals of ANY age with neurological challenges such as: MS, Parkinson’s, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Autism or any genetic disorder. Anyone who works with athletes looking for a competitive edge or dealing with repetitive injuries. Anyone working with survivors of trauma. MNRI will show you how to use the body’s resources (birth and infant reflexes) to bring the nervous system to higher levels of functioning than previously thought possible. Who trains with us? OT’s, PT’s, RMT’s, SLP’s, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Midwives, Doulas, Neonatal Nurses, Developmental Optometrists, Audiologists, Paediatricians, Athletic Trainers, and trauma counsellors (who have a license to touch). Please visit the MNRI website for a complete 2 page course description (including CEU’s) of the 4 day introductory course that will be offered November 29 - December 2, 2017 in North Vancouver.


The Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute presents Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration Course November 29 - December 2, 2017 8 am - 5:30pm at Lynn Valley United Church Lynn Valley and Mountain Highway in North Vancouver Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration Dawn Burnell-Powers Instructor



The Elephant in the Room” or “The Hidden Patient”…

communication and content in osteopathic treatment and diagnosis.

“Clinical Demonstration Day”  



Hello everyone!!

Here some new information for the “Clinical Demonstration Day” held  in the Vancouver teaching clinic.  (Please see attachment)


Participants are asked to bring one or more of their patients; diagnosis, treatment and patient management will be discussed and carried out under the supervision and with the involvement of Clive Standen, D.O.

At the Vancouver campus: Wednesday, December 6th, from 9h00 am to 6h00 pm

Open to all students, starting from 3rd year, D.O. and D.O.M.P.

All day fee: $270.00

At the Vancouver campus:  4 days workshop : December 2 to 5 (Saturday to Tuesday) 980.00$

1 open demonstration clinical day in Vancouver:  December 6 (Wednesday) 270.00$

At the Winnipeg campus 3 days workshop : December 8 to 10 (Friday to Sunday)  740.00$

Open to all students from 3rd year, D.O. and D.O.M.P.

Here is the link to register:

Or Contact Béatrice Drouin at: info [at]



Hello to all students, D.O. and D.O.M.P. !!

Jane Eliza Stark, 
MS, D.O.M.P. will present a course in Vancouver on February 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th, 2018

A Fluidic Approach to the Treatment of Connective Tissue

This course challenges several of the commonly held paradigms regarding the understanding and treatment of fascial tissue. In particular, it focuses on the often overlooked, yet critically important, role of loose connective tissue in the regulation of the health of the body. Using a comprehensive theoretical approach and her practical experience with dissection and clinical practice, Jane explains, demonstrates, and supervises the practice of several techniques applicable to connective tissue using a fluidic, rather than a fibrous, approach to its normalization. It will also be discovered that treating the loose connective tissue through the medium of fluid is often a pathway to access a client’s emotional landscape.

Jane Eliza Stark is recognized internationally as an osteopathic historiographer, author, and workshop leader on the fluidic approach to treating connective tissue and osteopathic history. To date, Jane has lectured or taught in over ten countries on the subjects of connective tissue, osteopathic research, osteopathic history, spirituality in early osteopathy and embryology.
Jane holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph in Biology (1980) and a Master’s degree from Walden University in Clinical Research Administration (2014). She also holds diplomas from Sheridan College in Sports Injury Management (1990), the Collège D’Études Supérieures in Somatotheraphy (2001), and the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Osteopathy (2003). She received the honorary degree of Honoris Causa from Atman College in Sophia, France in 2008. Jane has practiced as a certified Athletic Therapist since 1991 and as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner since 2003. She is also a registered kinesiologist. She currently serves on the faculty of the Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO; Toronto and Winnipeg), and the Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques (Vancouver and Halifax) and on the faculty of the Japanese Traditional Osteopathic College in Kobe, Japan. She has been the director of research at the CCO since 2007. She was on the 1996 Canadian Medical Team for the Paralympic Games in Atlanta and the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. As well, she was the team therapist for the Canadian Men’s Rugby Team from 1991-1995, retiring after the 1995 World Cup.

Come all to the Canadian School of Osteopathy Manual Practice-Vancouver

1150 Station Street, Floor 1, unit 1 Vancouver BC, V6A 4C7

From 9am to 6pmOpen to all CEO-CSO-CCO-SICO-DOK students,D.O.M.P. and D.O.