About OsteopathyBC


OsteopathyBC is a professional association of Osteopathic Practitioners, who work to maintain and promote the highest standard of osteopathic healthcare in British Columbia. We have been raising awareness and promoting Osteopathy in BC since 2005. OsteopathyBC is a member of both the Canadian Federation of Osteopaths (CFO) and the Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA).

We are a not-for-profit, voluntary, professional association for qualified Osteopathic Practitioners. We represent the interests of osteopathic practitioners, osteopathy as a profession, and the consumers’ rights to access osteopathic services.

As a professional association, we actively work to build relationships with the following groups of stakeholders:

  1. Our members: We are committed to maintaining high standards of practice amongst all our members in order to better serve their individual practices and businesses.
  2. Citizens of BC: Our members deliver the best possible osteopathic care to the citizens of BC. Our association works to increase awareness on how Osteopathy can assist the general public in living healthier, pain-free lives.
  3. Policy Makers: We are working toward becoming a regulated health profession in BC.
  4. Insurance Providers: Many patients have health care benefits with an insurance provider. We are working toward being recognized by most of the leading insurance providers in BC. We are recognized by most of the leading insurance providers in BC.
  5. Osteopathic Organizations, nationally and internationally: Osteopathy is a growing practice around the world. We work together with other osteopathic associations in order to better serve our members and the public.

Why Be A Member of OsteopathyBC?

  • Protect your interests by supporting your professional association. OsteopathyBC lobbies to gain rights for osteopathic practitioners and promote the profession in the media.
  • Stay in touch with important issues around osteopathy and with your community.
  • Get exposure through our online directory and listing of Osteopathic Practitioners in BC.
  • Save money by receiving marketing and promotional materials to help grow your practice.
  • Gain public awareness through our advertising brochures and hand-outs that you can share on social media, give as online content, and offer to your clients. 
  • Advance your career through our listing of job opportunities, educational trainings, and events.
  • Expand Your Relationship with Insurance Providers.
  • Be part of an osteopathic community

We offer two membership categories: Full Members and Student Members.

Full Members are able to:

  • Receive access to our private members-only login page, where you will gain access to:
    • Information on jobs
    • Listing of educational courses and events – also on public site
    • Reference documents
    • Policies
    • OsteopathyBC AGM meeting minutes
  • Participate in discussion and committees
  • Receive information and a copy of the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Vote at the Annual General Meeting to re-elect the new council, and other association issues.
  • Be included on the lists registered with extended health providers.

Student Members are able to:

  • Participate in the osteopathic community
  • Follow the progress we are making with the association
  • Stay current with the global osteopathic community
  • Participate in discussion and committees
  • Receive information and a copy of the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting, but are not eligible to vote.

The criteria are as follows:

Full Members Criteria:

  • Must show proof of having graduated from a full-time program of osteopathic study lasting at least 4 years OR having graduated from a program with equivalent comprehensive osteopathic training
  • Must show proof of having public liability insurance for the practice of osteopathy and of maintaining this insurance throughout membership, in an amount determined from time to time by the board of directors.
  • Must agree in writing to abide by the society’s Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of Practice
  • Must meet ongoing requirements for Continuing Professional Development

Student Members Criteria:

  • Must be attending a school of osteopathy, in a program, which will qualify them for membership in the society on graduation.
  • Must be in their final year of study or writing their theses

To see a listing of all our members, click HERE.

To see a listing of our Board of Directors, click HERE.


Apply now!

New Member: If you are interested in applying to be a full member of OsteopathyBC, please complete the pre-application HERE.

New Student Member: If you are interested in applying to be a student member of OsteopathyBC, please email info [at] osteopathybc.ca.