Osteopathic International Alliance

Osteopathic International Alliance
142 E. Ontario St.
Chicago, IL

OIA [at] osteopathic.org

Osteopathy and osteopathic medicine make a significant healthcare contribution 

The report Osteopathy and Osteopathic Medicine – a Global View of Practice, Patients, Education and the
Contribution to Healthcare Delivery is available to download at www.oialliance.org

The Osteopathic International Alliance (OIA) is the international organisation representing national and international osteopathic bodies and their osteopath and osteopathic physician members worldwide. Its 71 members consist of professional associations, regulators, osteopathic schools and other osteopathic organisations.

For more information about the OIA, its work and the report please contact:
OIA [at] osteopathic.org.

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