Osteopathy Special Interest Group (SIG)

The ISCMR has an Osteopathy Special Interest Group (SIG) which is based in Canada known as INCAM ISCMR. For ISCMR membership benefits go to: http://www.iscmr.org/content/member-benefits

The new Osteopathy SIG is committed to:
  1. Promoting knowledge transfer (research to clinic and clinic to research)
  2. Initiating the development of a research task force about osteopathy in Canada
  3. Fostering collaboration and networking with other complementary approaches in the research field
  4. Creating a Canadian scientific osteopathic community
  5. Helping osteopaths (clinicians and students) in initiating and participating in research projects
The activities we engage in organizing:
  1. Research meetings
  2. Workshops or pre symposium activities
  3. Student poster contests
  4. Webinars on research methodology
  5. The development of a list of research resources and methodology resources
  6. Posting of new research publication in the osteopathic field on the web site
  7. To become an Osteopathy SIG member, please email the group co-leads: Chantal Morin chantal.morin@usherbrooke.ca or Nathalie Trottier ntrottier@consensioclinic.ca