North Shore Wellness Centre - Come Join Our Team We Are Expanding!!

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hello potential Wellness Team Member! We hope you will consider joining our amazing health practitioners! We have an amazing group of 13 practitioners but are expanding in our new space & need a couple of new practitioners to 'complete' our Wellness Team!

The space that we've purchased is about 2100 square feet & has been completely renovated - so the clinic itself is virtually 100% brand new. Our interior designers & general contractor have made an amazing layout & made sure that virtually all of the treatment rooms have windows to get as much natural light in the space as possible. Our new space also has an open physio area where there's a variety of exercise equipment & an area for therapists to assess patient movement patterns & to teach & coach them proper movement technique. Also, another great feature in this new space is having our own internal bathroom (for staff & practitioners) with a shower - enabling us to commute to work &/or workout at lunch & be able to clean up with a quick shower before treating patients.

We thought it would be good to relay some of the benefits of the new space:

- Good parking - for patients - West 17th & all connecting streets are ALL 2hr parking (allowing patients to get more than 1 treatment (Chiro/Massage/TCM/etc) without having to stress about getting a ticket when they return to their cars. Another option for parking is Loblaws/City Market/Local building parking. This option is great for the new space as it's only 1/2 block walk to the new clinic!
- Good parking - for staff & practitioners. We have 3 designated spots for sure (We're working on more..) and there is 24hr parking within a block from the clinic. Mahon & everything West (1 block from clinic) has parking that allows practitioners to leave their cars there all day while we work & only have to walk 1 block to the clinic without having to pay for any spaces or fear getting a ticket.

- Laundry - We have brand new appliances (washer/dryer) for those practitioners needing laundry facilities

- As mentioned - it is a totally NEW space - complete renovation - New 'everything' basically: Furniture in reception & treatment rooms & an awesome contemporary design!

- There are multiple referral sources within our building (MDs, Dentists, Lawyers, etc). The building is 5 stories & has a huge number of patients who come to the building already for different care & there aren't any other para-medical disciplines at the locations yet. Hopefully all of the staff & the patients going for care in the building to come see our team too!

- There is wheelchair access for patients - elevator from street level!

- There are lots, & will be more, of supportive therapies: Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapists, TCM practitioners, Naturopathic doctors, Counsellors, Physiotherapists, (& we are hoping for MD that does pain management & laser treatments, plus an Osteopathic Practitioner)

- We have hired 3 specific marketing businesses for this space - plan is to have a marketing staff delegated to helping ensure more business is drawn to the new clinic.

We hope you're as excited as us about working in an amazing space that is SO great! We're really excited about the new space! All of the patients that have come for care already have shared that they're really happy & excited that we have better parking & that it is so close to our old location that they've enjoyed for the past 20 years.

The first day in the new clinic was November 1, 2016 and we're settling in nicely!!

Please respond if you want to be part of an amazing health team!!

Thank you,

NSWC Staffing team:)



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