Victoria clinic looking for DOMP

Date Posted: 
Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Welcoming Health Practitioners to rent space in Empowering Health Clinic! Create your ideal practice in a supportive team. Enjoy a beautiful physical space, caring community, & new economic opportunities. We offer: - Online booking & payment system, paperless charting, wifi, kitchenette, & beautifully furnished rooms - Inclusion in our marketing - A flexible rent structure. Rent is based on room size, 70-110sqf, ranging from $156-195 (+GST) per shift per week for the month. Shifts are 8 am-2 pm and 2:15 pm-8:30 pm. Private rooms are available. -A fabulous location -We've built & furnished the office with quality, safety, & comfort as our main priorities, following LEED standards and with professional soundproofing - Clinic filled with carefully chosen professionals - Practitioner parking available for rent. Free parking for patients. Requirements: - Professional designation & exceptional skills. We invite interest in a diverse range of specialties, &, encourage a special interest in brain &/or mental health -Works well in a professional team environment: considerate, professional, & a good communicator If you are interested in being part of a team, then we are interested in helping you build your ideal practice - a practice you'll be committed to for the long term. Please email us outlining your skills & experience, what you are looking for in an office space & work environment, your needs & vision for your practice, & why you want to work with Empowering Health, 


contact: Sarah Buydens sbuydens [at]